Employer: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality – General Directorate of Water and Sewerage Administration (SASKİ)

Project Location: Samsun, Turkey

Date of Completion: 10.07.2014

Scope of Work:

  • Contract to design, build and operate all facilities related to the WWTP and Deep Sea Outfall, such as wastewater intake from the Samsun and the Tekkeköy Trunk Mains, lifting of wastewater, the odour control system, the wastewater and sludge treatment to an extent suited to meet the effluent and sludge requirements, the Deep Sea Outfall including associated effluent pumping station, the Automation & SCADA system, the operation vehicles, the auxiliary systems structures and buildings as well as the connection to public utilities.
  • Capacity of the Samsun Eastern Advanced Biological WWTP for treating the wastewater is up to a daily dry weather flow of 105.000 m³/day. The treated water will – via a deep sea outfall (DSO) – be discharged into the Black Sea.