Employer: Eskisehir Water and Sewerage Administration


Project Location: Eskisehir, Turkey


Date of Completion: 05.10.2010


Scope of Work: The scope of the works includes rehabilitation of the existing plant, and construction of a new activated sludge treatment plant with a capacity of 105.000 m³/day. The new plant is also designed to generate 66 % of its electricity need from biogas energy production unit to be established in the scope of works. The works also include the construction of infrastructure and superstructure, process units and buildings, and the supply, installation and commissioning of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipments, and the operation of the plant for 6 months, training of the Employer’s operation personnel and supervision services during the operation.

  • The rehabilitated and extended plant has a capacity of 650.000 PE and 11.000 m³/hr. for rainy weather. The new plant also comprises two N/P removal lines to comply with the EU Urban Wastewater Instructions transferred to national regulations.
  • Main structures constructed within the scope of the project are inlet and by-pass structures, coarse-fine screen channels, by-pass channel, pump station, grit and grease removal chamber, primary sedimentation tank, biological phosphorous removal unit, aeration tank, final sedimentation tank, primary sludge thickening tank, activated excess sludge thickening tank, digesters, digested sludge dewatering tank, biogas energy production unit, and bio-gas storage tank.
  • Capacity of the energy recovery units by biogas (CHP; Combined Heat and Power Unit): 2 nos x 1.000 kW/hour.