Employer: Cooperative for Operation of Green Environment Treatment Plant


Project Location: Bursa, Turkey


Date of Completion: 30.09.2010


Scope of Work:

  • The project comprises collection of domestic & industrial wastewater via interceptors, construction of the wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 52.500 m³/day and its ancillary facilities, and operation of the plant for 4 years.
  • Industrial wastewater from Barakfakih, Kestel, Gürsu and İsabey regions in the Eastern Bursa and domestic wastewater of Gürsu and Kestel Municipalities shall be treated at the plant and then discharged to Cenup Canal, construction works of which are also within the scope of the works.

The main works carried out within scope of Project are as follows:

  • Biological, industrial and domestic wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 52.500 m³/day
  • (Main units: Inlet structure and wastewater lift station, fine screens, grit removal unit, flowmeter chamber, balance and lift station, primary sedimentation tank, aeration tank, biological sedimentation tank, return sludge and excess sludge pumping station, sludge thickening and dewatering tanks, dozing stations, clean water storage tank, filtrate water and floating substance tanks, discharge tanks, sludge storage tank, administration building, workshop, transformer building, distribution chambers, pump stations)
  • Ø 300 – Ø 1.400 mm 18,20 km long HDPE network and interceptors
  • Ø 1.600 mm 1,5 km long reinforced concrete discharge pipeline
  • 210 lt/sec capacity wastewater pumping station and Ø 500 mm 3 km long GRP pressure main